Our Story

Graduating from the University of Waterloo with Honours in Environmental Studies, Kharam is super passionate about fighting climate change; the greatest threat facing humanity right now. At the same time, while pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a pilot, Kharam feels guilty for every flight's carbon footprint.

One day, Kharam purchased a traditional candle for his mom which after lighting a couple of times, caused her to experience nausea and light headaches due to the burning of paraffin and other toxic chemicals. There must be a safer, healthier alternative to paraffin candles Kharam thought that are also eco-friendly.

Researching on this opportunity, Kharam met Anjali - an environmentalist, candle lover, and passionate about making real change, and Rachel - an environmentalist, entrepreneur, and a marketing expert. The three took together a mission to help clean up our climate with….soy candles! Thus, 4ourclimate was founded.

Helping cleanup our climate 100 pounds at a time.

Our 4 Pillars of Impact

The core values embedded into our mission of cleaning up our climate, 100 hundred pounds at a time.


By partnering with ethical and socially responsible manufacturers, we uphold our code of ethics which includes providing fair wages, promoting gender equality, safe work environment, no forced labour, no underage labour and much more.

Sustainable Products

We strive on creating a health hazard free environment by providing all-natural, eco-friendly, quality-driven products for a sustainable lifestyle. A better alternative to your everyday traditional household products.

Carbon Offsets

Our commitment to fighting climate change is straightforward – remove 100 pounds of carbon for every product purchased. By working together, we can fight climate change on hundred pounds at a time.


By investing into the environment, we’re helping create jobs for impoverished communities across the globe, improve their standard of living, eradicate extreme poverty, and impart sustainable practices.

Hear what our customers have to say

Nice clean scent. Feels great too, making an impact!

- Tom

Long-lasting scent. Burns really clean. Texture of the soy candle wax is so smooth. Great eco-friendly product!

- Gurparveen

Very clean scent. No fumes.

- Katelyn

Long-lasting candle. The difference between 100% natural soy candle and the traditional paraffin candles which emit soot, blackens the jar is profound. Candle wick and jar are of good size.

- Harleen